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Pricing :: Best App 4U

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Push Notification Pricing
Credit 200 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000
Dollars 38.00 56.00 71.00 128.00 440.00 670.00 1120.00 4775.00
Credit Dollars
200 38.00
500 56.00
1,000 71.00
2,000 128.00
5,000 440.00
10,000 670.00
20,000 1120.00
50,000 4775.00



per month

(49.95$ mo / first 1mo)

Publish your app with basic setting
Choose Plan
Create1 app for your business
Update 2 per month
Free sms share
Free Email share
9 photo Free
Update your app on everyone phone
Custom Design
Icon Button Customizer
Automatic news update
Facebook/Twitter app share
App Download button
Call Button
Tech Support Included



per month
Best choice for your business include all the futures.
Choose Plan
Create1 app for your business
Take full control of Your App Make changes on any computer any were in the world
Free Website
Update unlimited
Free sms share
Free Email share
Unlimited photo
Update you app on everyone phone
Automatic news update/your own Rss Feed
Custom Design
Facebook/Twitter app share
App Download buttons
Call/Reservation Form
Custom Menu
Android and iPad Mega Pack
GPS map
Push notification /Active only
Push Message first 200 free
A Website optimizer
Share Box
Contact- and Share Buttons
App Poster and Flyers
Visitor Analytics
Gravity Ad
Personal App Editor
Celebrity Ads
Tech Support Included