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How it Works

Over 45% of small businesses report instant savings and increased market exposure with a custom Business App.

How Mobile Applications can improve your Business

With mobile technology becoming more popular each day, it is becoming increasingly clear that mobile devices are important business tools that many people should exploit in business to ensure customer satisfaction and continued growth.

Mobile Applications have become part of our day-to-day life, with millions of users taking these important devices with them everywhere they go. Incorporating mobile technology into your business has become important for business success, with different mobile apps being designed to allow businesses to keep in touch with their customers on a daily basis

Smartphones are a happening topic and as time goes on, the mobile application market is doing nothing short of continuing its popularity explosion. Over the past few years Mobile phones has transitioned from a over-powered toy into a hyper-productive business tool. You can access anything through apps, Here’s how mobile apps can revolutionize your business, I’d like show a few interesting stats:

  • Over 1 billion of the world’s 4+ billion mobile phones are smartphones.
  • By 2018, mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage.
  • In 2014 the number of mobile Internet users who browse websites and access social networks via smartphones, exceeded 1.2 billion.
  • The amount of mobile Internet traffic is 15% of the total Internet traffic in the world.
  • Apple has the smart phone largest market share of around 47%, followed closely by Android, with Windows and Blackberry being the runner ups.

While study shows 40% of all adults have placed restaurant orders through a form of online software, 29% of restaurants report an increased volume in their orders by offering online ordering.

This cheerful fact makes us happy and proud; as the great feature of reservation form from BestApp4u software helps your hungry customers make an instant reservation at any time. Don’t forget to reply back to them as soon as possible to confirm orders.

Make an iPhone app with BestApp4u spread it to your customers. Your app doesn’t only make you look up-to-date, more importantly it allows you to reach your customer when he’s actually looking for you: 80% of the time that’s when he’s away from his computer.

If you are in the health or beauty industry, you are probably aware of the many tasks that need to be performed in order to make your business successful. Undertaking these tasks manually or with an out of date point of sale system, creates a lot of work and in most cases, mistakes can happen not to mention the fatigue that always results after a hard day at work. This negatively affects your business and you and your staff’s ability to get things done effectively. Bringing in mobile technology to your health or beauty business can make all the difference and ensure that you not only grow your business but you also stay ahead of your competitors.